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21 Inch Wood Guitar Kit Bundle – Guitar Beginner Wood Guitar Starter Kit Acoustic Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar Pick String Pink

Acoustic and classical guitars are both string instruments that are played by plucking the strings. However, there are several key differences between these two types of guitars. An acoustic guitar is typically made of wood and uses steel strings, while a classical guitar is made of nylon strings. Acoustic guitars are generally larger in size and have a more robust sound that can be amplified through the use of pickups and amplifiers, making them ideal for a variety of musical genres including folk, rock, and country. In contrast, classical guitars are smaller in size and have a more delicate sound that is well suited for classical music, flamenco, and other traditional musical styles. Additionally, the fingering techniques used to play these two types of guitars are also different, with classical guitar players using their fingertips to pluck the strings, while acoustic guitar players often use a pick.


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