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Posca Markers

Discover the Top 5 Posca Markers for Art: A Detailed Review

Home » Latest Articles » Discover the Top 5 Posca Markers for Art: A Detailed Review

Best Posca Markers on Amazon: Top 5 Picks for Artists in Pakistan


Welcome to our comprehensive review of the top 5 Posca markers available on Amazon. If you’re an artist, illustrator, or simply a creative soul, you’ll appreciate the magic these markers can bring to your projects. In this review, we’ll explore the finest options that Amazon has to offer, helping you decide which Posca marker suits your artistic endeavors.

Product Comparison Table (Posca Markers price in Pakistan)

Product Name Amazon Rating Price
Uni-Posca PC-1M 4.8/5 $4.50
Uni-Posca PC-3M 4.7/5 $5.80
Uni-Posca PC-5M 4.7/5 $7.99
Uni-Posca PC-7M 4.7/5 $8.99
Uni-Posca PC-17K 4.8/5 $10.50


Uni-Posca PC-1M

The Uni-Posca PC-1M is a fine tip marker that’s perfect for intricate detailing in your artwork. It’s favored by artists for its precision. The water-based ink is vibrant, odorless, and dries quickly. This marker’s small size allows for intricate lines and lettering.


  • Ideal for fine lines and lettering.
  • Quick-drying ink.
  • Odorless and non-toxic.

Drawbacks and Solutions:

  • Limited color variety. Consider buying a set for more options.

Uni-Posca PC-3M

The Uni-Posca PC-3M offers a medium tip, striking a balance between fine details and broader strokes. Its versatility is highly appreciated by artists who switch between styles. The paint flows smoothly, and the marker is refillable.


  • Versatile medium tip.
  • Smooth paint flow.
  • Refillable for sustainability.

Drawbacks and Solutions:

  • Consider buying a pack of various colors to maximize creativity.

Uni-Posca PC-5M

For bolder lines and color filling, the Uni-Posca PC-5M is an excellent choice. It’s ideal for coloring large areas and creating bold outlines. The ink is opaque and adheres well to various surfaces.


  • Perfect for filling colors and bold outlines.
  • Opaque and vibrant ink.
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces.

Drawbacks and Solutions:

  • May be too thick for fine detailing. Pair it with a finer marker for precision.

Uni-Posca PC-7M

The Uni-Posca PC-7M offers a broader chisel tip, allowing for wide, sweeping strokes. Artists find it useful for posters, signages, and mural art. It’s also refillable, ensuring longevity.


  • Wide chisel tip for broad strokes.
  • Ideal for posters and murals.
  • Refillable for sustainability.

Drawbacks and Solutions:

  • Not suitable for fine details. Complement it with finer markers.

Uni-Posca PC-17K

When you need to make a statement, the Uni-Posca PC-17K is your go-to marker. Its bold, extra-broad tip is perfect for large-scale artwork and outdoor projects. The ink is weather-resistant, ensuring your art stays vibrant.


  • Extra-broad tip for large-scale artwork.
  • Weather-resistant ink.
  • Ideal for outdoor projects.

Drawbacks and Solutions:

  • Not suitable for small-scale art. Combine it with finer markers for versatility.


In the world of markers, Posca stands out with its water-based, non-toxic, and quick-drying ink. All the Posca markers we’ve reviewed are refillable, making them eco-friendly choices for the environmentally conscious artist. While each marker is specialized for specific tasks, a smart combination of these markers can provide a wide range of creative possibilities.


Choosing the right Posca marker depends on your artistic needs. The Uni-Posca PC-1M is perfect for details, the PC-3M offers versatility, the PC-5M is great for bold color, the PC-7M handles broad strokes, and the PC-17K is your choice for large-scale projects. Consider your style and the projects you intend to undertake when making your selection.

These markers are highly-rated on Amazon, and for good reason. They offer a broad spectrum of creative opportunities. Pick the ones that resonate with your style and watch your artwork come to life.

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